Airline Operators

Consumer Experience & Expectations:

Due to COVID-19, airline customers expect appropriate sanitisation protocols, including readily available hand sanitisers.

 As the world opens back up, and long-haul flights become more frequented in 2021, customers are going to continue to expect this high standard from industry leaders, such as Air NZ.

 2020 was about making sure that Airline Operators had a fast & responsive supply chain in order to continue to operate. 2021 is about building the correct and most appropriate supply chains that help customers and staff travel safely.

 Air NZ website states “hand sanitiser will be readily available”, to help their customers travel safe. However, are current alcohol-based solutions the best available product for both safety & customer experience?

Studies are now finding that due to the harsh chemicals often used in alcohol-based formulations, there are plenty of dangers to watch out for, including cancerous chemicals:

PURE/24 was formulated as an alcohol-free hand sanitiser, which settles cultural differences that each customer may have. Although alcohol-based sanitisers have been used in some Halal countries, this has sparked great debate throughout the world, and alcohol-free sanitiser searches in these countries are rapidly growing. As New Zealand has a growing population of over 60,000 Islamic citizens, this is something to be considered when providing safety to all customers & staff.(

 Our product is designed to work on all skin types, and unlike alcohol-based solutions, ours are known to provide a soft & safe application for those with eczema and other skin conditions. It is estimated that 15-20% of people will be affected by eczema at some point in their lives. Our solution provides eczema sufferers, and anyone with any slight cuts & abrasions a stinging free experience.

Furthermore, alcohol-based hand sanitisers often take on a very strong smell of ethyl alcohol. Our formulation was designed with lemongrass scent, so as well as being soft on the hands, it is also soft on the rest of your senses too.

Alcohol-free means non-hazardous:

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), hand hygiene is a critical component for safety of the public; however, alcohol-based hand sanitizers (ABHS) contain ethyl alcohol, which readily evaporates at room temperature into an ignitable vapour, and is considered a flammable liquid… It is important to make sure ABHS dispensers are accessible and in locations that do not increase the chances of igniting or spreading a fire.(

PURE/24 is a water-based solution and is powered by a salt compound to kill germs & protect. Due to the nature of a water-based solution, we can offer a lower fire hazard risk for customers & staff, as well as making bulk storage an easier process for both safety & insurance purposes.