why pure/24?

why pure/24?

Our team are passionate about being innovative in our approach to both product development & business.

We did not want to simply create another sanitiser to flood the market, we wanted to create an innovative & natural product that will not only kill germs, but continue to protect our community long after application.

This passion caused us to spend countless hours, weeks, months developing the innovative formula that you now know & love.

Thank you for your continued support, and we can't wait to keep innovating the industry & pushing for new ways to keep our community healthy, safe & happy in today's current climate.

the story of PURE/24


Created by Fletcher and Harrison Stott, PURE/24 was designed to answer the challenge of ensuring Australian & New Zealanders can stay safe during today's new normal.

PURE/24 is designed to be the ultimate protection for you and yourfamily, all while remaining natural.